Manuel Pertegaz

Manuel Pertegaz (Olba 1918 –Barcelona 2014) is considered the greatest Spanish fashion designer, along with Balenciaga. Pertegaz defined the elegance of Spanish women over decades, a distinguished elegance with serene and delicate glamour. His concept was that of a swan-like woman, fragile whilst at the same time majestic. He had an innate capacity, only within the reach of the greatest creators, of converting everything he touched into a classic style, making modernity everlasting. His influence continued until the 21st century, adapting to the constant changes in the fashion world, whilst remaining loyal to his style. He never wanted to fall into the trap of uniform fashion which on occasions leads to short-lived trends. Discipline, dedication and perseverance were ever-present throughout his career, but his creative drive was without a doubt his obsession with the infinite search for perfection, which can never be reached, but getting close fills everything with meaning.